Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ecohedge Concept

No matter what one’s political, religious, economic or ecological orientation is, there is a distinct and growing un-ease about our future national and global policies and prospects. We see an increasing systemic dis-ease eating away at our national well-being: our nation’s economic needs and desires have now begun to exceed our ability to produce and provide for our nation’s most basic human needs.

The Ecohedge concept is an attempt to establish robust, redundant and simple natural community systems in urban, suburban and rural locations where the potential shocks to family and community life arising from political, economic and ecological disruption are minimized as much as possible based on a holistic program of self sustaining community systems and organization.

Significant economic, political and ecological risks exist. We expect political, economic and ecological risks to increase between now and 2050 based on multiple and complex external conditions.

An extremely long lead time of advanced programming and planning is required to prepare for the possibility of severe system shocks. Traditional financial structuring alone is not sufficient because the financial systems may be adversely affected as well. In increasing risk environments, worst case scenarios must be planned for.

We believe, however, that not all aspects of these downside probabilities are negative. The systems we construct are designed to have minimal environmental impact. Our community systems approach are a positive alternative to traditional development models.

Careful and methodical grassroots defense such as this eventually will result in a global offense on the disproportionate strain Western human systems are causing.

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