Saturday, June 27, 2009

Refuge West- The Rural Model:

Refuge West is a rural model of preserved eco-friendly multi-family ranches/farms/timberlands balanced delicately on pristine but robust strategic western US watersheds.

In the short term, the Refuge West development serves as a recreational resource for our clients, provides educational opportunities, and can enhance family mental and physical well being.

Our firm employs proprietary site selection processes, environmentally sophisticated site programming and management systems to find and create unique and safe settings for our clients. The development process is gradual. It can take 5-10 years to substantially complete a project depending on site conditions and in order to plan properly and minimize negative site environmental impacts.

Our firm specializes in real estate due diligence and real estate planning and development based on perma-culture principles. We are expert at property management, farm/ranch operations and hospitality as well as security systems and procedures creating, as much as possible, a safe and sustainable lifestyle. We expertly and proactively handle community development and public relation issues as they arise. Our program includes educational and training for our clients: we encourage our client’s to be integrally involved in understanding and implementing the community systems approach.

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