Thursday, March 11, 2010

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The Fence and Update on the Pintos


I am now the proud owner, actually I don't like that word, the new guardian of the 7 wild pintos! My neighbor where the horses lived, had to sell his land and his only choices for the pintos was to find them a new home right away or they would have had to go to auction.

Since the horses basically adopted me about a year ago (see older posts below), there was no way I was going to let them go to auction or leave this area. They have become the local celebreties of Point Arena and I am touched by how many people care about these lovely animals.

As you can see from the above photo, the fence line is down between the two properties and we don't have any fencing on our property, so we need to build a a fence around 60+ acres to keep them safe from wandering around the neighborhood or getting onto the highway. We have taken out a personal loan because we need to start fencing right away, so building will start March 18th. I will be posting pictures of the fence as it is being built.

Presently, I never know when the horses will come over from the other side of the fence. Sometimes every day and sometimes not for several days. While we were in the middle of the paper work transferring the horses to me, they showed up! It is as if they knew!

Several local people have offered financial help and have given suggestions, for which the pintos and I are very grateful. It is a large project and if there is anyone else who wishes to make a donation please email me at . Any amount is appreciated and because we are not a foundation, your donations will not be tax decutible. You can also purchase pinto cards at my website the profits from these cards goes towards the pintos care.


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